Programme 2021

Here you can find the programme of the 4th European Academic Symposium on EAF Steelmaking on 16-18 June 2021.

Wednesday, 16.06.2021

14:00 CEST Welcome to EASES 2021
14:20 CEST Development of a modular mathematical model for the EAF process
V.-V. Visuri, L. Hekkala, M. Aula, T. Fabritius
14:40 CEST On the importance of the heat exchange modeling assumptions in electric arc furnace process models
J. D. Hernández
15:00 CEST EAF Process Model and Simulator
T. Hay, T. Echterhof, H. Pfeifer
15:20 CEST Discussion and coffee break
15:40 CEST The adaptible and efficient EAF for the future
H. Beile
16:00 CEST ISMELT – Inteco Scrap MELting Technology evolution
M. Manazzone, A. Valoppi
16:20 CEST New plant developments integrated with Industry 4.0 solutions to the EAF of Acciaierie di Calvisano
M. Bersani, C. Senes, L. Angelini, P. Frittella, A. Zurru, G. Miglietta, C. Di Cecca, G. Tsymokh, F. Fredi, A. Ventura, D. Ressegotti, J. Brhel
16:40 CEST Discussion
17:00 CEST End of day 1

Thursday, 17.06.2021

14:00 CEST Welcome back
14:10 CEST Exploring the Physics of the Electric Arc Furnaces
M. Al-Nasser, A. Kharicha, M. Abdi, H. Barati, M. Wu, A. Ludwig, C. Redl, H. Holzgruber, A. Ishmurzin, C. Pichler, G. Hackl, M. Gruber, Y. Tang
14:30 CEST The stirring of melts in EAF
A. Chudnovsky
14:50 CEST Experimental Study and CFD Modeling of Scrap Melting Behavior in AC EAF
Y. Chen, S. Ryan, A. K. Silaen, C. Q. Zhou
15:10 CEST Discussion and coffee break
15:45 CEST Workshop on the “(Re)use of primary and secondary raw material fines in the EAF” organized as part of the Fines2EAF project including the following presentations:

17:30 CEST End of day 2

Friday, 18.06.2021

14:00 CEST Welcome back
14:10 CEST An evaluation of the pneumatic lime injection benefits for the production of C82D2 steel by electric arc furnace
D. Mombelli, G. Dall’Osto, G. Villa, C. Mapelli, S. Barella, A. Gruttadauria, L. Angelini, C. Senes, M. Bersani, P. Frittella, R. Moreschi, R. Marras, G. Bruletti
14:30 CEST Static dissolution evaluation of dolomite-based materials in EAF-type slag
S. Scheiber, E. Cheremisina, J. Rieger, J. Schenk, F. Firsbach, W. Johnson, T. Chopin, M. Nispel
14:50 CEST Achieving a new level of process efficiency in EAF steelmaking with sample preparation free slag analysis based on Laser OES
A. Schlemminger
15:10 CEST Optical emission spectroscopy in electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces – from laboratory to industrial applications
H. Pauna, M. Aula, M. Huttula, T. Fabritius
15:30 CEST Discussion and coffee break
15:50 CEST Digital transformation of the steelmaking industry: An EAF case study
V. Logar, S. Tomažič, G. Andonovski, A. Blažič, I. Škrjanc
16:10 CEST Study of the influence of the charging materials on the metallic loss of a continuous charging electric arc furnace by multiple linear regression
D. Mombelli, G. Dall’Osto, C. Mapelli, A. Gruttadauria, S. Barella
16:30 CEST IDEAS: Intelligent Dynamic EAF Advisory System for Improving Operating Efficiency
Z. Voss, J. Jones, R. O’Malley, S. Sridhar
16:50 CEST Preliminary experiences from the application of model predictive control for the EAF process in stainless steelmaking
V.-V. Visuri, S. Jawahery, N. Hyttinen, S. O. Wasbø, M. Schlautmann
17:10 CEST Discussion and closing words
17:30 CEST End of the symposium

The programme can also be downloaded as a pdf here: Programme EASES 2021.

The abstracts of the presentations are also available as a combined pdf – EASES 2021 abstract booklet – for download.